Earth Song


I was in hell being bombed in the Hadean. 
I was just alive in the Archean. 
I was long present in the Proterozoic. 


I was changed by life in the Cambrian. 
I brought order to the Ordovician and 
I just survived the Silurian. 
I nearly drowned in the Devonian, all those fish! 
I made coal in the Carboniferous, delta, changes. 
I was probably present in the Permian desert dust storms. 


I was a playa in the triple, arid Triassic, 
I evolved with many ‘ites during the Jurassic. 
I chalked the Cretaceous, fashioning forans and flints. 


I nearly perished in the Paleogene, 
I numbered all the Neogene. 
I quaked in the sometimes chilly Quaternary. 


I have lived so long, it may seem perverse but 
I want to live to the end of the universe. 

I am the worse for wear and war weary. 
I am your home, your Earth, cherish me dearly. 

© Richard Kefford 2020 Eorðdraca

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Author: Richard

I live in Somerset UK. I am a writer and geologist and blogger.

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